Modelling reality

Sunflower for Science allows teachers and students to manipulate impeccably realistic scientific models in real time, helping them engage with concepts like what electrons are, how enzymes work or what happens in circuits.

Aligned with your curriculum

Sunflower for Science allows teachers and pupils to manipulate impeccably realistic scientific models in real time, helping them engage with concepts like how electrons work, example2 or example3.

Used in over 300 UK Schools

100s of teachers in over 300 UK Schools already use Sunflower for Science to teach key scientific concepts to their students. And we're only getting started.

Getting started.

Sunflower for Science is an ever-growing library of resources can model and explain scientific concepts in a way that students just get it. We make each pack using extensive research with teachers. All our resources are tailored to what is appropriate for that topic and what a teacher wants.

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Our suite of Physics packs covers topics like waves, forces, nuclear physics and space. Each pack contains ready made activities, for teachers to use immediately. Take a look at our newest pack - Electromagnetic Spectrum.

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The Chemistry packs include Bonding - our most popular pack by far, and an incredibly powerful teaching tool. Other packs look at the behaviour of particles, how they react with one another and what can influence the rate of the reaction.

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Our Biology suite covers a range of topics, including plants, human biology and enzymes. Our Cells pack has just been updated with beautiful new micrographs and professional diagrams.

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Access Sunflower via the web, or on your learning platform

You don’t need a Learning Platform or VLE to use Sunflower, but it will integrate with either. Start off on our web-based 14-day trial. After that, you can continue with web access, or we’ll help you integrate it with your Learning Platform. It’s up to you.

Instant sharing, anywhere

Sunflower for Science isn’t just for the classroom. Just hit the Share button and allow students or teachers to access any activity on any PC or Mac, anywhere in the world. No log-in needed.

Affordable Quality

Sunflower for Science is a world-class software suite, but it doesn’t have to be expensive. You can get started from £90 one-off + £9/year. Not convinced yet? Get your first pack free, on us.



So, is the pack really free?

Yes.  We are giving away one free pack to every school in the UK.  We won't charge you a penny.

We already have some Sunflower for Science site licences. What's happened to those?

You still have your site licences, and can continue to use the offline version of our software that you currently have.  However, you will have access to all the packs you have previously bought free of charge in the new online Sunflower for Science, until September 2013.  To gain access to them, just sign up by following the "Find my School" link at the top of the page.

After September 2013, if you wish to keep using them online, your school will pay £9.00 + VAT per pack, per year.

How come I have some packs already in my Sunflower account? I don't remember buying those?

In the past ten years, over 1500 schools in the UK have bought Sunflower for Science.  We all know that teachers move on, and CDs get lost, so we hope that finding some packs you have access to is a nice surprise!  

If your school bought a site licence from us, it has not expired.  You will have access to the packs you bought, free of charge online, until September 2013.  After that, if you wish to continue using them online an annual service charge of £9.00 + VAT per year, per pack will be paid - or you could revert to using the older networked version for free.

My school name is wrong? I can't find my school?

Get in touch, and we'll look into it for you.  Call us on 0845 1300 680, or e-mail [email protected]

How do I share resources in my Learning Platform/e-mail/Facebook/Twitter?

One of the great things about the new version of Sunflower for Science is the easy sharing - no more passwords to remember!  

Click the arrow on the menu at the top of the screen, and a link will be generated.  This can be copied and pasted into your Learning Platform, into an e-mail - anywhere you like.  The students could even write it into their homework diaries.

I'm having problems running the software. What can I do?

Call us on 0845 1300 680, or e-mail us at [email protected]  We'd be happy to help.

If you'd like to have a go at fixing things yourself, most problems are sorted by updating to the latest version of Adobe Shockwave.  You can download it here -

Is the new version of Sunflower for Science available in any other languages other than English?

Not at the moment.  But we're working on it.  

If you think you might like to distribute Sunflower for Science in your territory, e-mail us at [email protected]  Or we're at BETT next week - stand B282.  Come and talk to us!

Award winning since 2004

Finalist BETT Awards 2012
Sunflower Learning is a finalist ICT for Exporter of the Year 2012
Finalist BETT Awards 2012
Sunflower Learning wins ICT Exporter of the Year 2011

What teachers say:

" Sunflower brings concepts to life and pupils can watch them over and over until it clicks.... For complex scientific explanations I have found it communicates clearly - and cuts my explanation time in half. "

Diane Wilson, Head of Science, Garth Hill College

What the critics say:

" For chemistry you will find a lovely collection to deal with bonding, dissolving and diffusion. Again these come with materials to fit them into whatever time-slot you have available. "

ATL Magazine